Trump brings MAGA to CA

President Trump is scheduled to head to California early this week. The state has often been a focal point of criticism from the President. From many spats with Governor Jerry Brown to other instances with city Mayors.

Recent criticisms include sanctuary cities, the sheltering of illegal immigrants and alerting illegals of impending ICE raids. Just last week ICE officials were set to conduct raids in Oakland, when they were stunned to see Oakland’s Mayor tipping off individuals of the impending raid. The President found the tipoff “disgraceful” and “put law enforcement officers at risk.”

During his trip to California the President will attempt look past those issues for a day as he is scheduled to visit boarder wall prototypes.

From DailyMail:

“Trump’s overnight visit will include a stop in San Diego to inspect eight sample designs for the wall he’s been raring to build. He will also be speaking with members of the military and traveling to Los Angeles for a splashy Beverly Hills fundraiser, where attendees will pay up to $250,000 per person.”

The inspection of prototypes is a step in the right direction as Trump continues to push for security along the southern border. The importance of the wall and stronger border security grows as state California officials continue to defy the President and his administration.

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