Amber Alert: Has Anyone Seen ABC News?

Let’s say there’s a white Republican TV personality with a daytime show on ABC. Next, let’s say that person admitted to dressing up as a black man and painted his face black. How do you think ABC would react? Do you think that person would still be employed? Do you think, even for one second, that person wouldn’t be TV lynched by the media? Of course that person would be the devil incarnate, right?

Now, let’s say it’s a white female radical liberal instead. Because that’s exactly what happened. Joy Behar admitted, on a terrible show called “The View”, that she dressed up as a black woman and painted her face darker.

According to Big League Politics:

ABC has yet to release a statement on “View” host Joy Behar dressing as a black woman, replete with light blackface.

Crickets from ABC..

Joy Behar, the anti-President Trump commentator on ABC’s “The View,” wore blackface at the age of 29 to a Halloween party.

Asked if she had tanning lotion on, Behar replied: “I had makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin.”

Look, we’ve all done stupid things or even just things that become politically terrible years later. However, the double standard treatment from the liberal media is getting awfully old and grotesque.

Just what are the rules? Is it okay for a female to do it? Does it need to be a liberal female? Do you need to be a Hollywood female or employed by the liberal media? Please, someone at a FakeNews organization, let us know what the rules are and who they apply to.

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