Americans Want E-Verify!

President Donald Trump's latest nominees to the Federal Reserve's board of governors typify the president's outside-the-box approach to executive decision-making.

President Donald Trump has made no bones about tackling immigration head on.

Over the first year of his Presidency Trump and his administration have implemented policies to address illegal immigration and border security. While his efforts are moving forward, there are many Americans that want the President to take things a step further.

A petition has been started and signed over 10,000 times.

From Brietbart:

“U.S. Citizens should not be responsible to pay for the lives of illegal aliens and the services they use, including but not limited to education and healthcare. Likewise, businesses must be held accountable for hiring legitimate workers. Today, less than 3% of businesses participate in E-Verify because it’s voluntary.

Congress has demonstrated a lack of will to stop illegal immigration. Therefore, the President must use the powers granted him to remove the incentive for illegal aliens to travel to and remain in the U.S. unlawfully by eliminating their ability to secure a JOB. [Emphasis added]

Americans want the rule of law enforced NOW. This petition calls upon President Trump to immediately sign an executive order making E-Verify mandatory for all U.S. businesses, no exceptions.”

The E-Verify program requires U.S. businesses to hire Americans instead of trying to hire illegal immigrants. This law is meant to protect American workers from losing jobs to illegal aliens.

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  1. Where do I sign?
    We also need to end chain migration
    and immigration lotto
    and VISA programs designed to replace Americans
    with cheap foreign workers

  2. Absolutely E-verify must be incorporated . Strictly observed with heavy penalties for those who break it!
    AND ID’s when for ALL who vote!! This to prevent illegals from voting! To this prohibits older folks from books GARBAGE. For those ‘idiots’ uniformed ID’s are used no matter who you are EVERY WHERE!! To reject ID’s (Dems) you like illegals voting!! DEPLORABLE!!

  3. Not only e-verify get rid of NAFTA. That’s where a lot of the immigrants are coming in; working under the umbrella of Spanish companies. This would open up opportunities for Americans.

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