Amnesty would balloon the national debt

As the illegal immigration debate rages on across America, figures are starting to roll out how much the liberal solutions could end up costing.

While there is speculation on which illegal aliens could end up being allowed to receive, in terms of rights, benefits, and potential citizenship, American citizens could see negative impact on government treasuries.

Breitbart reported:

“In Social Security benefits, amnestied illegal aliens could receive at least $6,000 a year in benefits, though Kopits says this represents the lower end of what politicians’ magnanimity is likely to deliver. Additionally, those amnestied illegal aliens could also receive about $10,000 a year in Medicare benefits. These benefits, plus the Social Security payouts, would amount to a $2 trillion cost to American taxpayers over the course of a lifetime, Kopits estimates.’

$2 trillion is a truly shocking number, made even worse by the fact that hard-working American citizens would have to foot the bill!

Thankfully, President Donald Trump has recently stated he no longer wishes to make a deal on DACA and reiterated his strong, campaign-trail stance against illegal immigration.

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  1. WTH….Illegal is illegal and they should not receive anything from our government, except deportation !
    Build the Wall; secure our Borders !
    Politicians took an oath; so do your job; Americans have had enough of your worthless words !

    1. Why should these lewbreakers get amnesty along with sticking the US taxpayers with the bill for this? I’m sick and tired of socialism. My grandmparents arrived in America around 1900 and when they arrived here they disn’t expect any ‘freebies’./ They realized they’d had an opporttunity for better lives. They became US citizens, learned English, got jobs and started businesses. Time for the liberals and all their BS to go IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Bankrupting the US is one of demoCROOK’s primary goals. They have to destroy the US before they can enslave and slaughter us under communism.

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