Border Outrage Boosted Trump’s Numbers?

President Donald Trump's latest nominees to the Federal Reserve's board of governors typify the president's outside-the-box approach to executive decision-making.

If you only got your news from ABC, NBC, or CNN, you’d think that President Trump’s border policies were hurting the country and no Americans actually supported his views on immigration.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It turns out the negative coverage might have helped boost the President’s approval numbers.

From Brietbart:

“…according to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, on June 8, Trump’s approval rating rounded out to an average of 42 percent, while his disapproval rating averaged 54 percent — a 12 point gap.

As of Monday July 2, after two weeks of being pounded by the entire media over border enforcement, Trump’s approval rating has climbed to 44 percent, and his disapproval rating has dropped to 51 percent — a seven point gap.”

Most Americans are smart enough to see through the anti-Trump bias in American media.  Experts suggest that many voters can see that much of the published outrage at the border has been drummed up by the same people who actively hate the President.

Turns out, the outrage from the media may be doing the opposite of what they want and may actually be helping the President’s approval numbers.

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  1. The Left and the Media do NOT have the “Pulse of America” ! There are countless millions of “Silent Trump Supporters”, who have his total support, but are afraid to “come out” for fear of bodily harm or reprisals, but THEY WILL BE AT THE POLLS IN NOVEMBER !

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