Built it NOW!

President Trump campaigned and has not given up on his relentless pursuit of building a border wall to the South.

As illegal immigrants continue to make their way through Mexico, they’re met by border officials and the sad excuse for our current fence.

Reported by The Gateway Pundit:

“Dozens of illegals climbed the border fence in Tijuana, sat on top of the fence and taunted US officials in San Diego.

The illegals were chanting, “Si Se Puede!” (Yes we can!) as they prepared to walk into US.”

Tons of news outlets were covering the story and showing video of people scaling the fence with ease.

The interesting thing about this caravan of illegals trying to enter the United States is it gave President Trump free publicity on the need to build his border wall.

The fact that people can scale the existing fence in seconds and it was all over the news is a massive wake-up call for those “on the fence” about building the wall.

If America truly wants to secure its borders and ensure people are legally coming into the country, the wall must go up.

The only way to crack down on the influx of illegals flooding this country is to finally build President Trump’s wall!

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