Trade War: China walking directly into Trump’s trap

US China Trade-war

China announced a staggering amount of tariffs Monday following trade war escalations by President Trump. This caused a US Stock hit on companies including Apple and Tesla.

US stocks dived on Monday, extending last week’s sell-off amid an escalating trade war, after China announced plans to respond to US tariff increases with additional duties on US$60 billion of US goods.

But it’s just what Trump predicted for China:

And he’s not backing down:


Not even a super-power nation like China can scare our president! This is why he continues to poll so well!


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  1. You dingbats. Who do you think pays for tariffs? It is not the exporters it is the importers, namely US consumers.

    Thanks so much for raising the prices of almost everything.

    1. We are already paying to much for Chinese junk.
      Build it in America with American parts and American labor.

      It is not just the price of this foreign made stuff but that of using poor quality when it fails.
      Is paying half price for a product that last 1/10th as long really worth it?
      Is exporting our jobs to other countries good for anybody except the Globalist Establishment Elite?

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