Could the House Swing Blue?

A top election prognosticator is giving Democrats an 86% chance of taking back the House of Representatives this November.

Nate Silver, from the Five Thirty Eight blog, is predicting a so-called “blue wave.”


Despite these predictions, President Trump is working overtime to ensure he has MAGA-friendly Congress and Senate to help him Keep America Great in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. This is going to be a tight election. The democrats may or may not take control of the House. But the odds are certainly not as high as 86%. If they do take control it will spell disaster for the country. Thy will rev up their attack on Trump and resistance to anything he tries to do. Congress will be in a grid lock. The democrats will start all sorts of investigations that will waste time and money but go no where. The House may pass a bill of Impeachment. But after a Senate trial wasting still more time and money there will not be enough votes for a conviction. It would be best for the country and the American people if the democrats were not to take control of the house. It would be nice if on the morning of November 7 they all found themselves on an otherwise deserted beach at low tide.

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