Dems headed for a long headache?

President Donald J. Trump has filed for re-election in 2020 and while that may seem premature, he is looking to capitalize on his current achievements.

Recent news points to an even longer headache for Democrats and the so-called “Never Trump” crowd.

New polls suggest that President Trump is right on track where Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were during their first-terms, heading into the midterm elections.

Red State has reported:

“The percentage of voters who say Trump deserves re-election is essentially identical to that of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama at the time of the 1994 and 2010 midterm elections, respectively.

More voters said George W. Bush deserved re-election at the time of the midterm elections in his first term, in 2002.”

While his first Presidency is still yet to reach the halfway point, President Trump has many achievements under his belt.

He also has a full plate of policy proposals he hopes to finish before the end of his first term. Whether he gets re-elected might depend on how much he gets accomplished.

Then again everyone in Washington seems to know to Never Bet Against Trump!

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  1. The demos ARE a giant headache! GO AWAY! ALL OF YOU! We don’t need you! Beside, these demos ARE TOO OLD, and senile!

    1. Hey, I am one of those “too old” Trump supporters. There are a lot of us who believe in President Trump!

  2. When Trump was running for President I knew he would be terrific and He has not disappointed me.
    Keep fighting those lousy Democrats Trump. they are starting to be a pain in the neck.
    Thank you President Trump and Republicans for listening to me.
    President Trump keep up the fight.
    June Robinson

  3. I voted for Trump but it was not a vote for Trump. It was a vote against Clinton. Even if that is why i voted for him, I am very glad I did. He has turned out to be the best president of my lifetime of 65 years and I will vote for him again in 2020 and a strict republican in 2018 midterms’

  4. Thanks President TRUMP — for the REALITY in Government. How FAR we have come from a Sensible use of Attainable Goals that are actually “Making America GREAT again”.
    Practical use of our financial resources is making it more attainable. My wife and I are using our free website — — to help make this happen in our life as well.

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