Dems losing Millennials!

As the 2018 midterm elections approach, both Republicans and Democrats are rapping up their efforts to take victories. The Dems started off 2018 thinking they saw a blue wave on the horizon for the elections but its seems that wave is starting to flatten out.

From Brietbart:

“Recent polling has shown that the left’s advantage had significantly dissipated. A recent CNN midterm poll, for instance, found that Democrats only have a three-point advantage over Republicans, as the percentage of Americans who think things are going “well” in America is at its highest since 2007.”

The 3-point advantage is close to the margin of error and the elections could go either way. The biggest news though is the percentage of Americans that feel America is headed in the right direction.

As the Trump administration moves from successful project to successful project, there is no doubt many of his policies have led to the sense of wellbeing in America.

Also reported on Brietbart:

“A recent Reuters poll also found that support for Democrats among millennials aged 18 to 34 “slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years.” In addition, the extensive Reuters survey found that millennials are increasingly saying that “the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.”

While millennials had to fight for jobs out of college, and endure bleak economic times under President Obama, the Trump administration has really helped to turn things around and millennials are taking notice!

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