Fake News Hits a New Low

Since President Donald Trump’s election to the White House in 2016, CNN reporter Jim Acosta has developed a reputation for excessive criticism of our President and his administration.

From outbursts during the historical meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, to sparring with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders almost daily, his antics seem to never end.

Many press observers didn’t think matters could get worse, until Acosta’s so-called journalism hit a whole new low.

After a speech from the President, Acosta reported to the world that he had asked the President, face-to-face if Trump would stop calling the press the “enemy” of the people?

It turns out, Acosta didn’t actually ask the President that face-to-face. He was more of a heckler at the back of the room than a professional journalist, shouting at the President as he left a speech.

How the question was asked got revealed in one terribly embarrassing video.

Given his history of these sorts of outbursts, it appears that CNN may be giving Acosta’s outbursts tacit approval.

While they continue to be the biased mouth piece of the radical, anti-Trump Left, CNN’s ratings continue to dip with their non-stop negative coverage of the President.


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  1. During and after the elections it became very obvious what the different network initials stood for.
    CNN – Clinton News Network
    ABC – All ‘Bout Clinton
    NBC – Nothing But Clinton
    CBS – Clinton Broadcasting System

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