Former CIA director attacks GOP on Twitter

Former CIA director John Brennan has been lobbing hostile attacks against the Trump Administration and members of the GOP on Twitter.

Brennan, an outspoken opponent of President Donald J. Trump, feels that the President has over stepped his boundaries as President and Chief and wants Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to hold Trump responsible for his actions.

The Tweet comes on the heels of the President demanding and ordering the DOJ to look into claims that the FBI/DOJ placed spies within Trump’s campaign team.

From The Gateway Pundit:

“Brennan is caught in a perjury trap over his statements about Hillary’s phony dossier in a May 2017 testimony to the intel panel.

Obama’s former CIA chief was also involved in setting up Russian espionage traps for minor players in Trump’s camp, according the investigative reporter, Paul Sperry.”

The President has done nothing wrong and is well within his rights to instruct the DOJ to investigate the spy claims. It seems the closer and closer we to get the truth, the stronger the attacks come from Brennan.

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  1. Brennen and Clapper were our Intel guys?
    No wonder we get into trouble.
    Worse than the DOJ and FBI Leaker/Liars
    Worse the the IRS agents
    Worse than the VA administrators
    Worse than Spies, Undercover agents, Moles, Confidential informants. Consenting Individuals and “consenting Human sources and
    worse than the guy who posted the video that caused Benghazi

  2. John Brennan is about to be exposed for the traitor he truly is. That’s while he’s taken to the offense.

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