Guess which NFL owner sides with #MAGA…

Last year was a train wreck for the NFL: ratings were down, and a culture war was brewing.

There was a a real cultural struggle going on between those who felt the national anthem before a professional football game was the right place for a political protest and those who felt our flag and anthem should be given the respect they deserve.

While some players kneeled during the national anthem throughout the season, they drew intense criticism from President Trump and a large majority of their fan base.  The battle still rages on.

Some NFL owners have commented on the issue, but Texans owner Bob McNair made sure his views are heard loud and clear.

Reported by Breitbart, The Texans owner had the following to say:

“I think, that people will understand that we want everybody to respect our country, respect our flag. And our playing fields, that’s not the place for political statements. That’s not the place for religious statements. That’s the place for football. And that’s what I think we need to be doing.”

Even President Trump couldn’t have stated it any better. Fans tune-in to watch football, and don’t want political views that many view as un-American shoved in their face.  This was crystal clear when fans voted with their remotes, as the NFL saw a big drop in viewers over the season.

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