Hillary 2020: Why We Should Be Worried

We are seeing a ton of giddy conservative pundits, on TV, about news that Hillary is running again in 2020. Initially, I felt the same way as the pundits: This would be a breeze for Trump in 2020. However, after the midterm election results, I think we have to ask ourselves if we should be worried. After all, Dems just took the House by picking up many more than the 23 they needed. This happened after all the WINNING under Trump.

Trump has won on the jobs, stock market, trade, foreign policy, putting RINOS out to pasture, is not backing down on securing the border, is building up our military once again, and has the GDP soaring to levels previously said to not be attainable. We are respected again by our allies and adversaries. Remember, we don’t need to be liked by our enemies, just respected.

So, what could have possibly had people voting democrat, other than their hate for Trump? If it’s just hate for Trump, will that change? Outside of declassifying FISA docs and actually getting indictments on the crooks involved, is there anything that could swing people back to Trump? Dems love to hate Republicans. It’s their 2nd nature and it will take a lot to change. I believe Trump can win against Hillary but I also believe we should not underestimate the willingness of the tribal democrats to ignore the success of Trump and vote with their predetermined hatred for our POTUS.

Don’t get lazy folks. There are likely many more dirty tricks up the democrats’ sleeve and I think they know that all it takes is baseless accusations to keep the hatred going.

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  1. Trump understands history. Rome fell because they opened their borders, like Europe now. Trump does not want USTo go down and it will if we are overun by immigrants .Millennials don’t understand history because they are taught globalism from pre-school on. We are fighting for Western Civilization as we know it right now. Trump has GOT to win.

    1. Right on!
      MidTerms show us that if we do not show up in overwhelming numbers,
      we will be outvoted by worthless government employees, welfare recipients, illegal aliens, criminals, dead people and corrupt poll workers.

  2. GET READY FOLKS ANOTHER ELECTION FRAUD FROM democRATS! If they did it once again and get away with it AMERICANS! watch out! democRATS are added AGAIN! for 2020

  3. This is a joke, right? Look up “accusation in a mirror”. Do you really think that a lying uninformed corrupt leader is what this country needs, or that this description applies only to Hillary and not to your idol? How about we all try to work together, bring morality back, use each others’ expertise, count every legitimate vote and exclude the illegal ones, bring us back to a place of civility and decency, where this country was before all this noise and nonsense. This hatred, on both sides, is only destroying us.

  4. Trump is far from perfect and hard to like on a personal level,
    he is still the best President we have had because he actually tries to fill his promises.

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