Impeachment Claims a Recipe for Disaster?

Ever since winning the Presidential election in 2016, Democrats and the so-called “Never-Trump” contingent have been screaming about impeachment to anyone who will listen.

They have made wild claims on many different issues they feel are grounds to impeachment.

Some feel this is the most important issue for Democrats to win seats in the midterm elections, others see it as a massive risk. One of their own feels that if Democrats run on the message of impeachment, they will see major losses.

From Townhall:

“I believe that voting for a Democrat should not be seen as tantamount to a vote for impeachment,” he said. “If it is, we’re going to lose elections we otherwise might win.”

Connolly added that Trump voters were willing to vote Democratic, but they’d run away if the party just runs on impeachment.”

Connolly makes a great point and, even if somehow Democrats were able to gain power, there is little to no chance the President would get impeached.

GOP candidates have jumped on board the Trump train and are enjoying the major accomplishments of the Trump Administration.

Democrats will have an extremely hard time winning seats if they try and go toe-to-toe against Trump policies that are making America great again.

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