Is The Double Standard Their Only Standard?

I’m old enough to remember when a judge, named Brett Kavanaugh, was getting confirmed for the US Supreme Court and had to face uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault. These allegations were printed and the main subject of virtually all mainstream news shows, for weeks. He faced public hearings and the equivalent of public lashings. Way back then you would hear almost all Democrats shouting “Believe All Women”.

My oh my how times have changed since way back then. I mean that was back to October, 2018 and the backlash carried into November elections. But, here we are in February 2019 and we have allegations of sexual assault against the Lt. Gov. of Virginia, Democrat Justin Fairfax. What’s missing? The “Believe All Women” chants. I just don’t hear them from the media and Democrats. Did they forget? Did they change their minds?

For this allegation, Fairfax has actually admitted to the encounter but says it was consensual. Turns out, the Washington Post had this story but decided not to run with it.. Red State details this seemingly hypocritical take on sexual assault claims by WaPo:

“According to the Washington Post a woman, who is now a college professor in California, approached them after the 2017 election. The Post investigated. They established that a sexual encounter happened (I wouldn’t call forced oral sex a relationship, but, then again, I’m not a Virginia Democrat). They couldn’t determine if coercion took place and they just dropped the story.”

Candace Owens, on Fox, added this about how WaPo and Democrats handled this allegation:

“They ignored the allegations completely party-wide … and yet Christine Blasey Ford had not a shred of evidence and they all decided that she was an incredibly credible witness,” Owens said. “Because at the end of the day, this has nothing to do with sexism, racism, misogyny. OK? The Left doesn’t care about any of that.”

Another day, another double standard. One has to wonder, as a friend told me just a couple days ago, “If not for double standards would the left have any standards at all?”


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  1. Watching the speech last time, I was taken back to high school. You know those cheerleaders that call each other at night and decide what to wear to show they were together. Then there is the head cheerleader NP who had that face that looked down on everyone. She was also able to calm them down with the hand motion. Other wise I was excited with the praise of the people who have fought and died for our country. Also the others who overcome adversity. I agree with most of the people I talk with. The wall may not work, but we have to start somewhere. I do not want a war and I don’t want to be overthrown by illegal and manipulated people. We are the land of the free not the five away when demanded. Please stop this invasion.

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