Israel praises Trump ahead of embassy move

The nation of Israel is in celebration mode as the United States prepares to move and open its embassy to Jerusalem.

The move, which has been criticized by those who do not support Israel, sees the U.S. moving their embassy to Jerusalem and declaring it the capital of Israel.

While President Trump was not able to make the trip due to preparation for North Korea negotiations, his daughter Ivanka and husband Jared have made the trip.

Reported on Brietbart:

“’Trump is Number One!’ shouted one Israeli to Breitbart News reporters on the scene. It was a sentiment widely shared in a country that has seen so much hardship and struggle, and which feels that it finally has a friend in the White House — ‘the best friend Israel ever had,’ as one Israeli put it.

The mood was even reflected in Israeli sports. Beitar Jerusalem, the local soccer team, officially renamed itself Beitar “Trump” Jerusalem in honor of the U.S. President.

Trump supporters also took out a massive wrap-around ad in the Jerusalem Post on Monday morning thanking President Trump for delivering on his promises to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and to end the Iran nuclear deal.”

President Trump and his Administration have proven repeatedly how strong of a bond Israel and the US will have. As Israel has seen its share of horrific violence over the years, its good to know they have such a strong backing from the White House.


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  1. What do we get from Israel in return??? Have they ever helped us in any war?
    So far we are funneling billions of US taxpayers money there and have literally nothing in return.

    1. Israel is the only free society in the Middle East. She has accumulated 20 times the number of Nobel Peace honors from developing new high tech inventions, new medicines, worlds leader in agriculture developments, new military devices and hundreds of inventions like turning salt water into drinking water. This page could not hold all the new innovations Israel has developed. The main thing is that Israel is a dam holding back the radical Islamic terrorist and growth of Syria and Iran. Wish we had more friends like Israel. Our investments are small compared to what we gain.

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