Latest Jobs Report Has Democrats Steaming

With the latest jobs report showing fantastic growth numbers along with unemployment lows not seen in many years, one would think this is great news for all of America.

As it turns out there is one selective group that are frighten by these numbers and the economic boom they quantify.

Democrats running for office in the 2018 midterm elections are growing nervous over the numbers.

With such great numbers coming out of the Trump Administration, how can a Democrat candidate make a case against Trump and Congress with the economic growth that taking place under his watch?

From CNBC:

“Most troubling for Democrats is that the biggest job gainers have been groups that have historically suffered from stubbornly high levels of unemployment, including younger workers, black workers and so-called marginally attached workers, whose employment is tracked by the BLS with the so-called U-6 rate. That measure includes part-time workers who want a full-time job and people who want to work but have given up looking and aren’t in the official count of the labor force. As employers seek to fill jobs from a shrinking pool of unemployed workers, the U-6 rate is now at a 17-year low. Last month, it fell to 7.6 percent, a drop of two tenths percent.”

Democrat candidates better hope they can find other issues to sway voters because they will run straight into a dead end trying to argue against the booming Trump economoy.

If the jobs report stays high and unemployment continues to fall, Democrats could be in for a very, very long November election.

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