MAGA Rolling Towards Midterm Elections

Many early primary elections have seen races swing to #MAGA candidates on election night.  The slogan from President Trump’s successful election in 2016, has been a rallying cry for conservatives and populists across the country.

Make America Great Again appears to be the password to Trump voter’s hearts.

The important take away from these races is that not only is MAGA winning but the so-called “Never Trump” establishment is also getting crushed. Many candidates are learning that if you bet against Trump it might spell out doom for your race.

From Brietbart:

“Voters in a handful of major states on Tuesday again rejected the establishment Never Trump wing of the GOP and backed “Make America Great Again” economic nationalist candidates in a sweep for the MAGA movement at the polls nationwide.

The biggest result on Tuesday was state Rep. Katie Arrington’s outright victory over Never Trump congressman Mark Sanford, the disgraced former governor of South Carolina. Arrington’s win came as Sanford has focused his last two years in Congress on bashing President Donald Trump whenever he can.

The MAGA sweep on Tuesday comes as pro-Trump candidates are defeating establishment failures everywhere in the country and the MAGA movement is on fire at the polls.”

With midterm elections approaching fast, it’s interesting to see how candidates are trying to align themselves with the President or seeking an endorsement from him.

As the Trump administration continues to see victory after victory, it’s a wise move for conservative candidates to jump on the Trump bandwagon.

Those that oppose the President or bash him are finding out the hard way. If you oppose MAGA, good luck in your race.

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