Mainstream Media Snowflakes At It Again

We’re all going to be shaking our heads over this one.

Longtime anti-Trump fake-newscaster Joe Scarborough claims that POTUS is practically begging terrorists to attack us.

As we learned via The Hill, Scarborough used the hit list created by U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson (which included Scarborough himself) as just another excuse to attack our President:

“We’ve all known that Donald Trump and his words and his attacks about enemies of the people would lead to this type of behavior,” Scarborough said. “This is now the second time that we know about, from the pipe bombs to yesterday, but yesterday was obviously far more specific, far more dangerous. And you know, it’s exactly what Donald Trump is encouraging.”

The liberal media is without scruples and will stop at nothing when it comes to badmouthing the man who’s trying his hardest to make our country the free place it once was. What will they try to blame him for next – Jussie Smollett?

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  1. Morning Joe has been bashing the President Every Day he is on with his wife Mika. This every day event goes on for the 3 hours of his program. He is bad but she is so hateful of this President for some reason, known only to her which she is too ashamed to reveal, rejection. What would you do if you were voted in by the people of the U S and the MSM on most stations do this daily. I would be furious, and probably have some choice words also. The MSM hates the President and want him to fail at his plan to MAGA, and that it needs. He has had no chance to do that. Now with the Congress led by the Dems it is doubly hard. Wake up, he is around for a while, make the best of it, give him a chance for America, I do believe he loves this country and will do what is best for it.

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