Mark Levin ROASTS Media Over Trump Hate

Conservative talking-head, Mark Levin, has had it with the liberal media’s attacks on President Donald J. Trump.

Levin, a Fox News personality and radio host, is clearly tired of the one sided coverage that the mainstream media outlets like CBS and CNN continue to give President Trump.

You’ll never believe what he called them.

From The Hill:

Mark Levin mocked the media late Tuesday for its staunch criticism of President Trump‘s comments in Helsinki during a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling them “psychopaths.”

Fox News’s Sean Hannity kicked off an interview with the conservative radio host by reiterating his belief that the 24 hours that followed Trump’s Helsinki comments was the “single worst” in the history of American media before giving Levin the floor.

“What we’ve learned about the media, several of the hosts and guests, is we have a lot of psychopaths out there, that’s for sure,” Levin said.

“How do you really feel?” Hannity asked.

“Comparing the president’s conference with Putin to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Kristallnacht — the beginning of the Holocaust —calling him a traitor and treasonous. You know, two weeks ago, they said he was running Japanese internment camps and Nazi concentration camps.

“This is the pseudo-media,” he added. “And now comes Russia. Now the liberals, the media, the Democrats, some Republicans — [they’re] very upset about Russia. You know, they’ve had more positions on Russia than Stormy Daniels as far as I’m concerned.”

Levin is no stranger to national politics. He served in the Reagan White House.

Levin, who served as chief of staff to Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese, went on to argue that presidents going back to Roosevelt had been deferential to Russian leaders while making major concessions when meeting with them directly. He then stated that Trump would be attacked by the press regardless of any comments he made.

“If, in fact, Donald Trump had turned to Putin after a 2-hour private meeting, after setting up this summit, and all of a sudden in public turns to Putin and says, ‘Look you little bastard, we know you interfered in our election,’ they would be attacking Trump today,” Levin concluded.

Strong words from a media voice that’s as respected and seasoned as Mark Levin!

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  1. Congrats to Mark Levine for bringing an historical perspective to the hysteria over Trump’s meeting/news conference with Putin. He is absolutely correct in his analysis of the role of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and, of course, Obama in aiding and abetting Russian dominance of Eastern Europe.

  2. I curious to see what terrible remarks of disdain that the liberal networks will say about the President’s great executive order to initiate a worker training program in order to employ potentially 3.8 million new American workers and put them into the workforce which would put our unemployment figure around zero percent. Let’ hear it from the liberal warlocks.

  3. The lack of even self-perception on the part of the media is stunning. Obama could turn to the Russian ambassador and promise more concessions after the election! Who jumped up and down in the media pointing out the danger in that? Only Fox News.

  4. Can we agree to stop calling leftists “liberal”? There isn’t anything liberal about them. They are among the most intolerant people on the planet.

  5. I wish they’d decide if Putin did have anything to do with President Trump being elected.before I lose the Thank You card I wanted to send to him.

  6. The left and right are opposite but dependent on each other. If they work together a lot can get accomplished. When one side decides not to participate in the work at hand (of both hands), then the only one that can change the outcome is the brain. The brain is the one that can come up with solutions and order them implemented. Since the left is refusing to assist, the brain we have is doing an excellent job.The left will soon atrophy due to lack of exercise.

  7. Wish I could put a Trump sticker on my car but I am afraid of what would happen to my car, would like to wear a tee shirt or hat showing my support of our president but afraid that my family would be attacked or harassed. The leftists are in lock step, only listening and believing what they are told, too lazy or afraid to seek out the real truth.

    1. Yes, I think they all are learning the Nazi walk and talk. They are too stupid to realize what they are turning into.

  8. If President Trump had leaned in to Putin and said, “you know i’ll have more flexibility after i’m Re-elected…” the looney left’s head would have exploded!

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