Merit-Based Immigration to fill jobs and solve immigration issues?

President Donald Trump's latest nominees to the Federal Reserve's board of governors typify the president's outside-the-box approach to executive decision-making.

President Donald Trump campaigned on, and often speaks about, how immigration needs to change in America.

While his major focus has been on building a border wall and stopping illegal immigration, he also feels the U.S. needs a merit-based immigration plan.

Due to the size of Americas economy some employers will always need a certain level of highly skilled workers, often in very niche positions. Due to this, they often seek help outside of the country to fill a position if an American isn’t available.

Reported on BrietBart the President had the following to say:

“Part of the problem that we have is that our economy is so strong,” Trump said about the growing number of illegal immigrants coming across the border. “People are pouring up to get into our economy, they want a piece of our economy. That makes the job even tougher.”

“We want people to come into our country based on merit. We’re not looking to keep them out, we need to bring them in. We need them,” he said.

Merit-based immigration is a fantastic idea and could be a boon to the U.S. economy. Many countries around the world implement this sort of system.  Instead of letting just anyone into a country, people are brought in depending on the skills they have for, and are needed for, a certain job.

As more companies flood back to U.S. shores to re-join the strong economy, more jobs will need to be filled.

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  1. Why is it that the Mexicans flooding in here are never carrying even suitcases? Are they headed to the welfare offices? How skilled can they be?
    They come with nothing.

    1. Merit-based immigration is a fantastic idea and could be a boon to the U.S. economy.
      Just letting them in just to lower our stagnant wages is a very bad idea that only helps the Establishment Elite to get richer while the rest of us get poorer.

      End the Jobs/Welfare Magnets and the illegals will stop coming and will self-deport.

  2. Doris, great question. I never thought of that. Some seem to have. Small backpack. Also note who is coming. I purposely took photos from TV showing borders. They are not families, they are young strong MEN who should be at homing signing up to fight for their countries not coming here to go on welfare, vote Democrat and join gangs and be ready with Obama/Soros to take U.S.Citizens.

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