Mueller and FBI Covered for Bin Laden in Hiding?! Then This Happened?!!

According to Mike Moore (sometimes goes by the screen name Thomas Paine), then FBI Director, Robert Mueller, had loads of credible intel on Bin Laden’s whereabouts and did NOTHING! See below, from investigative journalists at

“The U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller — former director of the FBI — failed to act on intelligence confirming al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was in Iran for years after 9/11, according to explosive revelations in a new book blowing the roof off the Deep State.

Mueller was FBI director spanning the time bin Laden had been tucked away in safe houses in Iran with his family. But Mueller ignored intelligence from well-placed informants that bin Laden was in Iran, according to the upcoming book, PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.

During the same time that FBI executives were sitting on the bombshell information about bin Laden’s whereabouts, Bob Levinson mysteriously disappeared in Iran in 2007. Even after Levinson’s capture in Iran, FBI executives still took no action to act on intelligence pointing to bin Laden’s residency in Iran.”

He goes on to wonder what anyone with a brain would wonder:

“Even Barack Obama’s $151 Billion ransom paid to Iran in the form of a “nuclear deal,” freed all other American hostages held in Iranian captivity, except for Levinson.

Why? Does Levinson too know the details of the Saudi government’s secret deal with Iran to safeguard bin Laden and his al-Qaeda deputies after 9/11 in Iran?”

Folks – the corruption at FBI & Obama Administration seems to be worse than anyone could imagine. It seems every day a new criminal plot is revealed. Stay tuned as more is sure to drop!

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  1. Her is the whole problem making any accusations against the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, they have so many members of the Royal Family it is hard to tell who is on First base and who is at home plate attempting to be on first base.
    Could it be that there were members of the Royal family who did have something to do with 9/11 and even this weeks scandal in Turkey without the King or Royal Prince know of it?
    Perhaps it was a Royal Family member with connections to Iran that had something to do with 9/11 and Levinson knows about that.
    Without concrete evidence it is hard to be sure of anything in the mid-east. What we do know is that Iran is not our friend nor the friends of Israel, Iran and Syria are friends with Russia and Turkey is turning towards Russia as well.
    We are friends with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia but must always be cautious with the muslim countries we call our friends.

  2. It is time we the people in our country get to know ,who are those that are are real and true enemies are ,as they are those wealthy corporate cronies,that live in all countries, including our country ,and who are they,they are the types of people that own an run their banks,and those behind their all types of evil corrupted,lying scheming ,murderous and scandals,that are the types of people that we the people have voted for to rule our lives and now we have those that are in jails ,that want to have their rights to vote,I for one of millions in our country ,say they have lost all those rights ,when they been placed in jail,as we can not let those types of people have rights to vote,because the votes they may want ,can only be for one reason only,and that is to vote for those like their own kind that are still in power,to find ways to get them out of jail,and why I one in our country fell those evil minded people are to remain in jail,and if they want to make any noise about it,take them out and shoot or hang them ,as that may be the only and best best way to keep them quite,and we will never hear from them any we have enough of our enemies already in power of our country ,and in the white,that need to be joining them ,as they are the types of evil people that make up those in the swamp,as it is those types of people that are our true and real enemies,and they do not wear a military uniform are carry a weapon of any kind known of,”But those types of evil minded people do have weapons,and that is their mouths and the pen ,to put all their evil schemes into laws ,that those types of sign into laws,as they know we the people will obey and follow the law,and that is why their are so many lawyers in the government for,which is those laws that do not hold water,but yet they have fooled we the working people of our country for over 70 years and counting with their wage earners tax, and it our tax money we have worked to earn ,that the federal government has gotten evil corrupt hands on ,that has been going into the hands of those types people that make up those in the swamp ,and they been getting our money that been collected as tax,and those who run the federal government ,been giving it to those types of crooks an thieves like it belonged to them for the taking,And maybe we the people in our states can come up with a plan using a lawyer to but into law that ,that anyone who bought a lottery ticket and did not win in a large jackpot with a large sum of money ,can also win on a losing ticket or tickets that one had saved ,that was part of their own money in that jackpot that one or more persons have won on ,and all money over that jackpot that was not paid out ,would go to those that did not win any money on the tickets they have bought,could be paid back to them form a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on how many lottery tickets one has bought from ,the time the lottery started to the time it grew to the time it was won ,that would work somewhat like how are wage earners tax has grown with more tax on we the people that grew over the 70 years and counting, and given to the few hundred people that found a way to get their crummy hands on our money, that we the millions an millions of people in our country had worked for,and it is our own that was being used in such ways that it was destroying our free country,that it was ,before putting their tax scheme on we the people of our country,and what made those evil types of people of today ,that we are hearing of or about in our own country,and what is taking place with all those young people that are fleeing their country ,could be our children trying to flee the hell that is in the wings with this election that is about to take place with the types of people we put in power over us,and with the wrong types of people in power ,there will be no place for them to run to,like those we are seeing and hear about,and how working for a dollar a day ,and if their are those who don’t think it can not take place in our own country ,are just plain stupid are not give a dam about their children and what could happen to them by putting Democrats in power ,as that is what all this crap, we call it is all about, as those types of people want to take over our country and those who live it, and we the people must make dam sure those democrats do not get the power they seek ,are looking for.

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