Netflix Approval Rating Is In The Tank

The popular internet streaming service, Netflix, seems to be heading for very choppy waters as it makes a series of interesting deals over the past few months.

Netflix recently signed a multi-year agreement with former President Barack Obama and his wife Michele that will see them produce films and documentaries.

The company has also decided to hire Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice. Both moves have Republicans balking at the idea of sticking with Netflix.

From Brietbart:

“Republican’s approval of the internet streaming giant Netflix has dropped amid the company’s recent embrace of Susan Rice and Barack Obama, according to polling data obtained by Variety.

A survey by the research firm YouGov found that Netflix’s positive impression rating with Republicans fell by 16 percent since the beginning of 2018.”

While Netflix has stated that anything produced with the Obama’s will not have a political slant, there is virtually no chance they will make good on that statement.

Both deals really make little sense as neither the Obama’s or Rice have any background in screen writing or production of movies or television.

With liberals already in full control of the MSM, it seems they must branch out if they want full media control. Netflix could end up seeing major boycotts, as other companies have faced, when they decide to alienate Republicans.

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  1. i no longer use netflix. since little ‘o’bama and his wife michelle his belle signed on to do shows, fahgetbout it! when one shows complete disregard for conservatives, i boycott by not using their product

  2. No matter what the Obama’s and Rice get involved in will be lies. I wouldn’t watch Netflix if I had too. Anything they are involved will try to put our Country in the ditch. They should all be in prison for what they did while in office.

  3. Who freaking cares what butt head they hire to do a show it’s not like you want or have to watch it, They got ‘DOPE’ series and more movies to say don’t do these stupid drugs
    So go after China who’s 10 times worse,

  4. I also notice that Netflix is offering many more foreign films as Americans continue to show their discontent with the latest “deal” Netflix has entered with Obama. Thankfully, we do have freedom of choice.

  5. I am going to cancel my Netflix, do not want to give my money for the no good double crossing Obama and Rice to profit it.

  6. if the Obamas have anything to do with Netflix, I will cancel my account. What makes you think that they have any expertise in making films? They will most certainly use this for their political point of view and for the money.

  7. I am done with Netflix with having picked up the Obama influence. It will get screwed up just like immigration, Healthcare, foreign policy, etc not to mention all of the political correctness crap.

  8. I will have absolutely nothing to do with Netflix as long as Obama and Michele are spreading their liberal, disgusting agenda. I have much better things to do with my time!

  9. I have canceled my Netflix account as a result of recent decisions they have made. Will not renew because of those decisions. Hope everyone will do the same

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