POTUS loves giving out nicknames!

President Trump has loved handing out nicknames over the course of his early administration. One of Trumps favorite targets finally got a nickname and was condemned for his poor judgement.

Last week Gov. Jerry Brown of California decided to use his pardons on illegal immigrants who were facing deportation. The President quickly turned to social media to lambaste Brown.

Under Brown and liberal-Democrat leadership, California lawmakers could end up destroying the state economy.  The President understands that the rule of law is vital to the stability of our nation and the state of California.

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  1. Our President Trump….is all too correct in his assessment.
    As to the nickname, “Moonbeam,” this is one that I have used
    ….for many many years…because it is all to appropriate.
    I am a California EX-Patriot now for almost 22 yearsand
    this is directly due to the Democrat ruination of CA!!

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