POTUS Positive about midterm elections!

It’s no secret that midterm elections are right around the corner. They come with a ton of baggage and a lot riding on their outcome.

National Democrats, and their allies in the liberal media, are predicting a so-called “blue wave” for the midterms.

President Donald Trump, however, sees a very different outlook on the horizon.

From The Daily Mail:

“A bullish President Trump has predicted success for the Republican Party in the Midterms as he talked up his tax cuts during an event in Ohio on Saturday. ‘We’re going to do very well in the midterms,’ Trump told a group of small business owners in Cleveland. ‘The poll numbers are pretty good. They actually say that I’m popular — can you believe it?’”

President Trump has rightly showed some humor towards liberal media polls. He went on to further explain why he thinks the GOP is in a great position to pick up spots in the midterm elections.

Trump slammed the Democrats for their ‘weak’ position on immigration and health care, reserving particular ire for Democratic Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who he urged voters to ditch in favor of Republican candidate Jim Renacci.

The President said Renacci would be ‘fantastic’, adding that ‘we need his vote very badly’. He then criticized Brown by saying she shares the Democrats ‘deep-seated’ support for looser immigration rules.

Striking a celebratory tone, Trump recounted the successes of his first year in office and quoted a Rasmussen Report which puts his approval at around 50%.

He also pointed towards his trade policies bringing back jobs and helping an economy that was stagnant during the Obama administration.

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  1. It will NOT be a BLUE WAVE, but a Blue PUDDLE! DEMRATS are finished!

    Remember to get out and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! VOTE THE DEMRATS AND RINOs out of Office!

    Stand behind President Trump and keep making America GREAT and Help DRAIN the STINKING SWAMP!

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