Red State Dems Ready to Fund Border Wall?

new restrictions against asylum seekers on the southern border

While it is rare to find bi-partisan support for anything in politics these days, it seems some Democrats may be willing to put party aside to do what’s best for the country.

It’s being reported that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) may support funding for President Trump’s border wall.

From Brietbart:

“Senator Manchin supports President Trump’s $5 billion border wall funding. Senator Manchin has already voted for over $40 billion in border security, to fund the wall and secure our borders,” Jonathan Kott, Sen. Manchin’s communications director, told Breitbart News.

Sen. Manchin has become the second red-state Democrat to support funding President Trump’s border wall in the September spending bill, following on Sen. Joe Donnelly. Trump has previously threatened to shut down the government before or after the 2018 midterm elections to push Congress to fund his promised border wall.

Now, given Sens. Manchin and Donnelly’s support, Trump has more leverage to push Democrats and Republican leadership to partially fund his proposed border wall.”

The debate over funding and building the border wall will be a divisive topic as the November elections inch closer.

Illegal immigration is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, from both parties.

Democrats may be pressured into voting for funding of the border wall to save their re-election chances. Hopefully this trend of Democrats reaching across the aisle will continue and America will receive the border security it desperately needs.

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  1. We are tired of paying for food, education, housing, medical care for people who come in illegally and have a very nasty attitude that shows they think they own the country and have a right to everything. They sit down for 20 years (I know many) doing nothing but having children and living off wellfare.
    They do not show gratitude, they show hate and a desire to seek revenge.
    How have we gotten to this? Because for 16 years the Clintons and then Obama have destroyed the US. Obama hates this country probably because of the fact he cannot come into terms with the slavery his family suffered and has vowed to destroy it. 8 years is a long time to do wrong and to cause a huge negative impact in a young generation.
    And our present President, a God send for America, is fighting and straightening all that and showing a bravery I have never seen before.
    God bless and help our President and God bless the America and its people that our President loves so much. Agnes.

    1. AMEN !!!!

      God willing, the democrats will get their head out of where the sun doesn’t shine or be removed from office.

  2. When President Trump said he will clean the swamp now we know what he was talking about, but it is so hard no matter what he does he is critized.I support President Trump!!!! God Bless President Trump!!!!

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