Sarah Sanders Fights Back Against CNN Flack

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is done taking crap from liberal media outlets like CNN.

At a recent White House press briefing, Sanders lit into CNN’s Jim Acosta for demanding she repudiate her boss, President Donald J. Trump.

From Mediaite:

“It’s ironic, Jim, that not only you and the media attack the president for his rhetoric when they frequently lowered the level of conversation in this country,” she said.

“The media has attacked me repeatedly… When I was hosted by the correspondence association you brought up a comedian to attack me. As far as I know I’m the first press secretary in the history of the United States that’s required Secret Service protection,” she continued. “The media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the president and everyone in this administration and certainly we have a role to play but the media has to role to play for the discourse in this country as well.”

“You did not say in the course of those remarks that you just made that the press is not the enemy of the people,” Acosta replied. “Are we to take it from what you just said, we all get put through the wringer, we all get put through the meat grinder in this town and you’re not an exception and I’m sorry that happened to you. I wish that did not happen.”

“For the sake of this room, for the people in this room, this democracy, this country, all the people around the world are watching what you are saying and the White House for the United States of America, the president of the United States should not refer to us as enemy of the people? His own daughter acknowledges that and all I’m asking is you acknowledge that right here and right now.”

“I appreciate your passion. I share it. I’ve addressed this question. I’ve addressed my personal feelings. I’m here to speak on behalf of the president. He’s made his statements clear.”

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  1. Unfortunately, the (current) mainstream media ARE the enemy of the people and of the country. They foment dissent. They push whatever narrative that their owners/handlers tell them to pursue. They are NOT journalists, but actors / overpaid talking parrots. There are good investigative journalists still out there putting their jobs at risk to pursue the truth and expose things that the people in shadows do not want exposed. John Solomon of The Hill is an example. George Webb (YouTube) and his “posse” follow leads which the media refuses to acknowledge even exist (Containergate, Uranium One, Maria Butina, the Awan brothers (remember them???), Browder, Strozyk / Manafort possibly involved in arms deals. etc.). THESE are the people who should be at the White House Press Briefings. Not John Acosta.

    1. I agree 100% ! Jim Acosta is giving journalism a bad name. That is putting it nicely. He really is a total “shock effect” activist, trying to bring attention to himself. He is also a bully ! I watched in horror, as he got physical with a young lady. DISGUSTING !!!
      B.T.W. I don’t watch CNN anymore.
      Steve, of New Orleans, La USA

  2. “Flack?” Acosta has more character in his little finger than SHS has had in her entire life. She lies for a living. She is the mirror that reflects the shame of the Trump administration.

    1. Harry, It apprears that you have drunken too much of that laced koolaid. Best sit down and reconsider your next move……you are embarrassing yourself by siding with the MSM, and the Communist News Network.

  3. Let’s cut out the bull and get on with the job without all the fanfare so we the people can be assured that our leading representatives including the president and the media have our best interest at heart–quit attacking one another and accept the differences of each and corporate in behalf of the people of USA!

  4. Well, when you tell as many lies as your boss, it is bound to come back to haunt you at some point. Jim was just pointing out the fact that if she really believed in a free press, she and her boss need to quit attacking it because that is what dictators do!

    1. Gaw..fabricating false news to control people and telling the truth even if it is bad is two very different things.
      Jim is not only fake news but there is no truth in him.

    2. Ummm, Gaw, I think you might be wrong on this one. This is America, where even the President of the United States is allowed Freedom of Speech.
      Dictators do not attack the Free Press, because there is NO Free Press under a dictatorship! ( In case you were not aware of that fact )

    3. The media tells 90 precent of the time the liberals side of everything, and only if it’s negtive they will tell the Presidents side, and he’s not a Lier, he’s. Tried to keep all of his promises to the American People, and that’s more than any President has done since Regan, the liers are on the other side of the fence, and believe me theirs a lot of them, mostly bought and paid for by the DNC or George Soros Cronies

  5. Harry you’ve been listening to a different Acosta than everyone else, he’s a crap disturber and I believe a paid heckler for the liberals, I’ve lost all respect for him and most of the media. I believe the true journalist are still out there but afraid for their jobs If they speak out the truth against the liberals and their true agenda, which I believe includes George Soros, Socialism

  6. The so called main stream media, bought and paid for by the few commie heads of their companies, and brainwashed by big salaries, are the worst things that have ever happened to America. I have never, in all my 73 years seen such disrespect and hatred for our President and his staff and American values. These people have no true values any longer.

  7. Am sick of the NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and others continuously presenting negative reports of not only our President but all conservatives as well. They will never change. After watching them for years, I no longer watch their biased “news” coverage.

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