Shark: Trump Like No President Before

While it’s easy to broad-brush Hollywood and the entertainment industry as anti-Trump, there are some in the business who understand what Trump’s economy is doing for the country.

Kevin O’Leary, businessman and entertainment personality from ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank” recently told Americans they need to ignore the media bias and look at what Trump has actually DONE to Make America Great Again.

From his op-ed in The Hill:

Trump is like no president before him: not good, not bad, but different. Want to manage through the turmoil? Here is a better strategy. Ignore the noise and watch the policy.

The policy is crystal clear. Listen to the messaging coming from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Director Larry Kudlow and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. These are competent managers tasked with executing directives. They and their respective staffs have delivered deregulation and tax reform and are now focused on trade….

The markets know this is not going to happen overnight, but the upside is so enticing that it is willing to wait. Case in point: Trump recently remarked to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he sees a lot more German cars driving around the U.S. than he sees American automobiles on the Autobahn.

Maybe the Germans got the message. They are rumored to be bringing a deal on auto tariffs between the two countries when they meet at the White House soon. This is proof that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. I am going to go long on the U.S. auto sector going into that dinner.

My bet is that the strategy is about to start paying dividends: the equalization of trade tariffs. This is a move toward a more free and competitive trade between the two auto markets that we have not seen in decades. Investors and employees will benefit…

I never endorse politicians. You can’t win because you will always make 50 percent of the constituency unhappy. But I do watch and study policy. I have to because I have to put money to work in the market every day, and policy can have a tremendous impact on returns.

You never know what the market will do tomorrow, but you can manage risk. My best advice in these extraordinary times? Tune out the circus and focus on the policy that actually gets implemented. It’s getting interesting.

O’Leary went on expanding his praise of Trump’s economy. From the Conservative Tribune:

Money is not a Republican or Democratic asset. Who the president is doesn’t trigger unrealistic emotions — either for or against.

Kevin O’Leary, noted investor and one of the stars of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” says when you cut through all of the noise surrounding Trump’s presidency, he’s doing some “remarkable” things to help businesses, specifically the cutting of regulations.

“I would say on a policy basis, I’m going to have to give it an 8 1/2 out of 10 so far,” O’Leary told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton of the Trump administration’s performance to date.

“The reduction of regulations has been remarkable in how it has accelerated small business,” he said. “These things are quietly being changed, and I really — I credit the administration for doing this. They’re making it easier to run a small business in pretty well every state I’m involved in. So that’s working.”

Maybe Trump is our first Presidential Shark? Here’s to an even stronger economy for ALL Americans!

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  1. I also believe that the liberal media Bias is one of America’s biggest threats to Americans freedom, most no longer tell the real news but instead uses its broadcast to brainwash American especially the young be gullible college and high school students of today’s society that thrist for the truth, Which is President Trump is trying to save America for them but they don’t realize it because of the fake brainwashing lies the media put out everyday,Trump has done so much to preserve America for them, but they never hear about it because of DNC liberals control over the media and it’s time Americans stand up and stop watching the fake news media’s Bias Bullshit, young people if you let the liberals take charge of the government, in a very short time you will be living in a Socialist world like Cuba or sweat shops like China and then all the schooling in the world won’t help you live better at that point, you’re only hope is to help President Trump. You may not get this but at least i’v Tried to warn you. God Bless you and America, and Thank You President Trump for trying to keep America free.

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