SOTU: What To Expect

After a short delay, by Speaker Pelosi, President Trump will give his State Of The Union speech on Tuesday evening. President Trump can be described as unpredictable (I believe it’s deliberate to keep the Fake News Media guessing on how to derail his objectives) but here are 5 key themes Breitbart says we can expect to hear about on Tuesday:

“1. Illegal immigration: The president will talk about the ongoing situation at the border, with new caravans of thousands of migrants from Central America continuing to arrive. He will, no doubt, urge Congress to provide him with the $5.7 billion he has requested for a border wall or fence.”

Will the president use this stage to declare an emergency?

“2. Trade. Trump will ask Congress to ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Act, his long-sought replacement for NAFTA.”

“3. Infrastructure. The president will likely re-introduce the idea of a massive $1 trillion infrastructure plan, only part of which will be funded by federal taxpayers, and the rest of which will be funded by private investment. The prospect of infrastructure spending has been a potential area of bipartisan cooperation since Trump took office.”

“4. Health care. Trump obviously feels pressure to take on the Democrats’ most potent issue, after Republicans failed to replace Obamacare, and Democrats have begun talking about “Medicare for All.”

President Trump has already been hot on the trail to get big pharma to drop prices but more needs to be done and congress will have to act.

“5. Foreign wars. The president will explain and defend his recent decisions to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. “

Getting us out of endless and expensive foreign wars was another one of Trump’s campaign commitments that he is holding.

I suspect that we’ll hear about all of these topics. The question I have is: Will there be a surprise that establishment media and Democrats won’t be ready for?

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  1. I would like to know: 1) our children who have large student loans are having difficulty paying back these loans. 2) My son who is disabled is unable to find a job in his field of studies can not pay this back. 3) The illegal immigrants are DEMANDING that we do as they say. Well my family and other families are Dreamers too. We have worked hard to get USA as we wanted. This took lots of work, prayers, and sacrifice to get where we are. Unfair to us that others may come and demand and expect things ie tuition housing and rights that we can not get. Why bring all their demands etc. here. Why can’t they change their countries as we did. We also had drug dealers, rapes, murderers, and unfit politicians. I can go on for hours but what I am trying to say is that we are being invaded ( for lack of a better word) it is easier to DEMAND what they want here by taking away from us

    1. If your son is disabled and has any physician to verify by decree (paperwork for loan forgiveness) they can have their student loan forgave. Democrats want power and control and the avenues they are taking is that illegal immigrants and some legal ones too, are potential voters that will vote democratic by larger than a 55% span. Furthering their agenda by promising free healthcare, food stamps, housing, ad nauseum; keep the slaves that vote democrat on the “plantation.” All I can say is to make sure you vote and convince others to do the same. Godbless

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