Steel workers to Trump: “feels like he’s one of us!”

President Trump’s new steel and aluminum tariff is already paying dividends for steel workers and the American economy.

The President’s announcement sets tariffs for steel and aluminum produced in other countries at 25% and 15% respectively, with companies in Kentucky and Illinois already seeing a boost.

Century Aluminum is planning to hire 300 new employees while US Steel is boasting a rehiring of 500 employees to restart two blast furnaces.

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Some Republicans had concerns over the new tariffs, but the President did what is best for the US economy. The President had campaigned and often mentions at rallies that jobs will come back to America and he’s making good on that promise.

One of the workers at Century Aluminium (James Powell) had made a video thanking President Trump personally.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

“James Powell: This community was devastated when those lines were shut down. So, to have those lines come back up, just the opportunity to have that happen, is going to be great. These tariffs that is being signed, it’s going to bring back… This gives a lot of hope and opportunity. Meeting the president was an honor. Just talking to him it feels like he’s one of us.”

Thankfully under this administration, the American worker has true champion and some security in knowing they wont have their jobs shipped overseas.

This is truly what will Make America Great Again.

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