Ten David: Reports of a 187 in DC

I know it’s been a day already but, with regards to that SOTU address, Trump killed it! He showed what Presidential looks like. He called for unity, stood firm in his resolve to put America first, and promised to work across the aisle, as he has already been doing, to get positive and meaningful legislation passed.

While Trump touted the “economic miracle” taking place in America and listed off all of the records that have been set under his administration, Democrats didn’t look pleased. They didn’t stand for these successes (until they saw an opportunity to celebrate themselves as women in congress). They didn’t even seem pleased of the record Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking arrests being made under his administration. They sure didn’t seem to like the idea of “America will never be a socialist country”. Didn’t look like they were ready to act on border security. Nonetheless a CBS poll of SOTU viewers showed that 76% of the viewers approved of Trump’s speech!

Trump is bringing America together despite the efforts of the ‘resistance’ arm of the Democrat party and the mainstream media that seems to exist only to sow division between Democrats and Republicans. People are starting to see through the FakeNews and recognize they actually have a President who cares about ALL People.

Oh, and here’s a bonus… Just in case you want to watch Van Jones go off the deep end, Breitbart has posted it for you.



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