Texas Gov Blows Whistle on Migrant Caravan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is worried.

He’s sounding the alarm about the caravan of illegal aliens headed across Mexico for the U.S. border.  Abbott warns that there are terrorists hiding in the caravan.

From Big League Politics:

The Governor of Texas made a shocking revelation on Glenn Beck’s radio show on Tuesday morning.

“I’ve had the opportunity to speak with both the Secretary of Homeland Security as well as the President about this, and I’ll tell you what I can tell you publicly,” said Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas.). “Very importantly, in this caravan are not just people from Honduras and Guatemala. We know that some of the people in it are from countries across the entire globe. There are what we use in the lingo “SIA’s” – special interest aliens – who pose a very real dangerous threat to the security of the United States of America.”

Beck mentioned reports people with terrorist ties from Malaysia being part of the caravan. Abbott confirmed the report.

“And I’ve heard the same thing with regard to terrorists coming from countries other than Malaysia,” Abbott said.

This is exactly why President Donald J. Trump is threatening to withhold foreign aide to the countries that allow this caravan to pass through their borders.

Americans must be aware of the threats facing this nation from our unprotected borders.

It’s time to build President Trump’s wall!

Credit: Gage Skidmore
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  1. I live in Southern California. When you see all the protests here, many of them are illegals or come from an illegal background and have become citizens. If we don’t control our borders we will lose our country. It will become “Upper Mexico”. There are a lot of wonderful people from Mexico but when they want to change then language to Spanish its time to get a grip on immigration. I’m all for a melting pot but when a pot overflows it makes a mess!

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