The Horror: Pelosi Prepares to Re-Take Speakership

According to CNN, Nancy Pelosi is ready to re-take the speakers gavel, should a so-called “blue wave” sweep Democrats back into power this November.

While San Fran Nan may be ready to assume control of the House, Republican voters, and small business owners across the country may have a thing or two to say about that before it’s all said and done.

From CNN:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday that she is “pretty comfortable” she will be speaker again if Democrats win the House in November.

“It is up to them to make that decision, but I feel pretty comfortable where I am,” the California Democrat told CNN’s Dana Bash at CITIZEN by CNN.

A number of Democrats running in 2018, looking to curb Republican attacks tying them to Pelosi, have pledged not to vote for her for speaker if they win their House seats, leading some in Washington to believe Pelosi could help deliver the House to Democrats and lose her leadership position.
Pelosi went on to list why she deserves to be speaker again after saying she is not usually comfortable with self-promotion.
“I am a great legislator,” she said. “And one reason I am is because I recognize the contributions of others, our committee chairs and all the rest.”
She added: “I am also politically astute. I took them to a victory in 2006, I know how to do this.”
Pelosi declined to say whether she would only serve as speaker for a short term, something she suggested in an interview earlier this month.
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  1. Yeah, as Inspector ‘Dirty Harry’ Callahan once commented; “You’re a legend in your own mind!” Babs Pelosi is a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, self-appreciative Jurassic holdover from the last century who needs to be put out to pasture. Please remember to vote-Vote Conservative-Drain the Swamp-MAGA

  2. Nancy…you are now irrelevant!
    Quit and drink yourself into oblivion in San Francisco – which you helped to ruin!! You can walk down the streets and feel real proud. Do it barefoot, to feel the results of your liberal policies squish through your toes!!

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