Trump Anger Grows Over Continued Delays to Immigration Reform

President Donald J. Trump is running out of patience with Congressional Democrats.

He took another shot at the Democrats for dragging their feet and blocking his “America First” agenda on immigration.

The President has been adamant about the need for a border wall, but his pleas seems to have fallen on deaf ears on the left.

At a recent rally in West Virginia the President let loose.

From Brietbart:

“The Democrats want to turn America into one big fat sanctuary city for criminal aliens,” Trump said during a rally in West Virginia with a group of supporters. The crowd booed the Democrats loudly as Trump continued. Honestly, they are more protective of the criminal aliens than they are of the people,” he said.

Trump said he was committed to deporting criminal illegal immigrants, but that Democrats wanted to do the opposite. He criticized Democrats for calling for the abolishment of ICE, while ICE officers deported a former Nazi from the United States on Tuesday morning.”

The President has been on point with his criticism of the Democrats, as of late.

It’s hard to argue against the President when many of the Democrats are openly calling for amnesty for all illegal aliens. It makes you wonder who the Democrats actually care about? American citizens or illegal immigrants?

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  1. Put those who aid and abet felons and obstruct justice in jail.
    End the Jobs/Welfare magnets and the illegals will self-deport.

  2. Where are the Republicans? Can’t believe they have done nothing to further this serious need. I invite them to come and live in San Diego for a year or two and feel, firsthand, what the lack of a wall and attendant boarder control is doing to a beautiful city!!!

  3. I share the president’s disdain. These egomaniacal self-serving democrats need to be voted out of office. Same goes for many self-serving Republicans. They all serve at our pleasure and I’m not pleased. Conservatives need to rally and get out and VOTE.

  4. I thought Mexico was going to pay for it. Why doesn’t he get the money from Mexico like he promised?

    How are the Congressional Democrats holding him back?

    1. We will get many times the cost of the wall back from Mexico when we get “Fair” trade.
      The Democrats and Rino’s are holding him back any way they can.
      The Establishment Elite are afraid of loosing the profits they make from cheap labor and the control they have over the USA Citizens.

  5. It makes you wonder who the Democrats actually care about? American citizens or illegal immigrants?

    The corrupt Establishment Elite Socialist Democrat Leaders only care about themselves.
    They want low wages, votes, and to destroy America.

  6. We need to petition to MOVE Congress and their Families to Live and Work within 5 – 10 miles of the Border with NO Security and we will see just how long it takes to Build that WALL….

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