Trump continues to strengthen our borders with proposed restrictions for illegal aliens and asylum seekers

new restrictions against asylum seekers on the southern border
President Trump issued new restrictions against asylum seekers on the southern border earlier this week.


With so much news flying around these days it can be hard to keep track of it all. Therefore, it may seem like important issues are getting over shadowed. Rest assured however that even with everything going on in the White House, protecting our borders remains a key political concern, and it goes far beyond building the wall.

On April 29th, President Trump sent a memo to AG Barr and Acting Homeland Security Secretary McAleenan instructing them to  institute new border policies.


The White House is taking the border crisis seriously, and this memo proves it.


Officials will have 90 days to get the ball rolling on these new policies which include:

  • A fee levied against all asylum applicants (no more free rides).
  • Restrictions against issuing work permits to illegal aliens until their immigration cases are closed.
  • 180 day time clock on all immigration court cases.

This initiative is critical – the situation at the border is reaching its breaking point and it is imperative that something is done, and quickly.


“Over 103,000 foreign nationals” were apprehended at the border last month alone.


As reported by True Pundit:

The memorandum comes as the number of illegal migrants appearing at the U.S.-Mexico border has increased dramatically in the past few months. Over 103,000 foreign nationals were turned back or apprehended at the border in the month of March, marking the highest month in over a decade. The 2019 fiscal year has already surpassed the previous fiscal year in nationwide apprehensions — and it’s only halfway over.


The immigration courts are designed to handle individuals from Mexico attempting to cross into the United States. They are not equipped to handle the caravans from Central America attempting to force their way into the country. The average wait time for an asylum case is nearly 2 years.

Something has to be done, and this is a good start.


Even The New York Times couldn’t put a liberal spin on the crisis:

At the current pace of about 100,000 migrants each month, officials estimate more than a million people will have tried to cross the border within a year.

The fees alone should work to deter some of these hopeful immigrants, as well as help America recoup some of the high costs of housing them while they await trial.

We’re grateful to the President and the White House Officials working to keep our borders safe and solve this immigration crisis. What else do you think we can do? Check out some of our ideas here.

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