Trump Furious With Democrats!

As the debates over border security and immigration rage on, the President is starting to get fed up with inaction by certain lawmakers.

President Donald J. Trump is ratcheting up his rhetoric and calling out do-nothing Democrats for not taking any action on Republican-backed bills that need the votes of a hand full of Democrats to pass.

Republicans have drafted up immigration proposals that will be headed to a vote, but the President remains skeptical the Democrats will do anything but obstruct.

From Breitbart:

“We need two to tango,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting, citing the Democratic filibuster in the Senate that was blocking any legislation from moving forward.

The president called for a new effort on immigration, inviting them to the White House to discuss more details with this problem the country has faced for 50 years.

“They don’t care about the children. They don’t care about the injury. They don’t care about the problems. All they do is obstruct,” Trump said about the current crisis at the border.

Not only has the President and his Administration been falsely blamed for the current immigration debacle, it’s clear the Republicans and the Trump administration are the only people in Washington D.C. trying to fix it.

Many high-ranking Democrats have been asked what they’re going to do about fixing the immigration problem and most have simply punted, saying “let’s just keep the focus on Trump.”

The midterm elections are right around the corner and immigration will be a very hot topic going into November. If Democrats fail to act and assist Republicans in fixing this immigration mess, they could be headed for major trouble come election day.

The President has not held back in his public lashing of Democrats for their obstruction. He is trying to make it well know that he and Republicans are really trying to help people and Democrats are blocking to try and steal votes.

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  1. Come on America, get out and Vote! Vote in your local primaries and GET OUT IN NOVEMBER and VOTE THESE STINKING DEMRATS AND RINOs out of office!

  2. All true Americans need to work very hard to get out the vote and purge these ‘do nothing’ Democrats out of office forever!

  3. The Democrats only want to obstruct anything that would keep violence down and punish the Criminals. They seem to becoming part of the Criminals with their advice to encourage Violence.

  4. Is poor baby Donnie upset at those mean ol’ Democrats? Poor baby isn’t getting his own way. I’m feeling soooo sad for him.
    Maybe he should remember how the Republicans obstructed nearly everything that Obama tried to get accomplished.

  5. Most definitely I WILL be voting to get this FAKE, LYING, DELUSIONAL, DISGUSTING, EGOTISTICAL, PATHETIC, LOW-LIFE OF A president and his “yes man” THAT HASN’T THE BALLS OR THE SPINE TO STAND UP AND EXPRESS HIS VIEWS, PENCE but yet get walked on like a piece of shit on a shoe bottom.

  6. Jim I am a democrat and have been one since I registered to vote at 18. And believe me the Democrats are blocking everything to help this country. If people would pull there head out of there asses they would see this. And for Obama I voted for him also and he was a joke and totally screwed this country over and our military.

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