Trump Jr. Censored on Social Media?

Over the past few months, the American public have heard whispers that major technology companies might have it out for conservatives. This obviously disturbing claim is now gaining even more and more traction as evidence presented by Donald Trump Jr. shows deliberate bias against them.

From Brietbart:

“Trump Jr. said he had noticed a “crazy drop off in new followers,” stating that no new followers had been added to his account in a week, despite his posts receiving over 7 million impressions in the same time period.

The president’s son, who has become a favorite of MAGA supporters on social media, also said that when his friend tried to search for Trump Jr’s name, Instagram warned them that “posts with words or tags you’re searching for often encourage behavior that can cause harm and even lead to death.” He included the hashtag #mastersoftheuniverse, the title of Breitbart Tech’s ongoing coverage of Silicon Valley’s censorship, shadowbanning, and purposeful lowering of engagement for conservatives around the world.”

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Honestly it’s time for me to put this out there. For weeks I’ve been watching my #instagram analytics and noticed a crazy drop off in new followers. I used to average around 10,000 + new followers a week and then it just dropped off. See screenshot from last week where despite over 7,000,000 impressions THAT WEEK I added 0 new followers. Also see video and pic where a friend searching MY NAME got a message warning that “Posts with words or tags you’re searching for often encourage behavior that can cause harm and even lead to death”… REALLY?!?! Are you fricken kidding me? @zuck this is insane. I get that my 3 year old Chloe can be pretty aggressive as are a few of my humorous memes, but this is ridiculous. If this account “could cause harm and even lead to death” we have serious problems. The #shadowban nonsense and the hysteria RE any conservative thought has to stop. #enough #mastersoftheuniverse #censorship

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So-called “Shadow banning” is the act of blocking a user or their content from an online community in such a way that the user does not realize that they have been banned. The original poster can see their own content, but can’t understand why no one comments or likes the post, (because it is blocked).

This isn’t the first time a major tech corporation has been accused of shadow banning a conservative. As the MSM push their own narrative and tech companies seek to silence conservatives, it becomes more and more difficult for Americans to trust these corporate giants.

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  1. Is if time for a class action law suit for violation of our civil rights? Even private companies don’t have the right to violate our Constitutional rights.

  2. Perhaps it is time to start our own social media that only allows conservatives. Owned and operated by conservatives, vetted by us and banned to these hard core liberals who are only out to do harm. As the majority in our country, why can’t we do this? It is time to overtake the lying media, the facebook and twitter liberals and we all need to stop purchasing items that are advertised on these biased shows, especially ABC!!!! Let’s join together and stop the nonsense.

    1. Yes, I concur. I have also had my permissions removed and I only state conservative opinions and absolutely nothing vulgar (I never swear in public for over 50 years), I do not promote extremist opinions and focus on facts.

      I have found no reason for my twitter rights to be suspended!

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