Trump negotiates great deal, cements bond with Australia

 As the Trump administration rolled out its policy to deploy US tariffs on steel and aluminum, 25% and 10% respectively, one of USA’s friends isn’t blinking an eye. Last week President Trump spoke with the Prime Minister of Australia over the new tariffs.


Prime Minister Turnbull has stated that Australia has secured an exemption from the tariffs and free trade will continue between the counties. Some had called for Australia’s support in complaining about the tariffs set-in place. Australia has commented that it will take no place in any complaint against the United States.

President Trump understands the importance of taking care of America’s traditional allies, especially when it can benefit American taxpayers.

The United States and Australia have enjoyed a long history of friendship between the two countries. Not only have they been trade partners but do plenty of mixed military training. One can assume offering Australia exempt status from these tariffs is a great move during a time of potential instability in the Asian region, more specifically North Korea.

Trump is wise to keep a stalwart and strategic regional ally happy and close to the fold.

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