Trump Sacks The Eagles

There was a time in our nation’s history when it was of the highest honor to be invited to the White House.

Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t get that memo.

During last season’s brutal drop in ratings and fans backlash nationwide, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. As the date inched closer there were rumors flying all over about how some in the Eagles organization didn’t want to attend the event.

The rumors flew in as an act of disrespect aimed at President Trump. The Eagles were only going to send a small number of players.

The President refused to let football players make a mockery out of the event. Trump pulled the plug as he felt the team was showing massive disrespect to the country. He added the following on twitter:

It was also reported that the original number the Eagles were sending went from 80+ to 2-3 players and a mascot. Thankfully we have a President with a backbone and an undeniable passion for his country.

As the NFL “kneeling” protest continues, the players, coaches, and owners find themselves in a very interesting position. The continued bashing of America, the anthem, and the White House is an awful look.

If they don’t get their act together before the start of the next season, it could end up being the end for the NFL.

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  1. Who the hell is John Brennan? That anyone should pay attention to, So he worked for the CIA, I guess that makes him an authority on world affairs and how to run a Country, (Bullshit). He would make a good head of Communist labor board, seems the liberals have groomed him right, stick to what you know best, and let President Trump save America from the Obama disaster he created in America If it’s possible, and please God save us and America from the DNC liberals.

  2. The nfl players have been a tremendous insult to the American people for years..overpaid,
    Fat headed, ,full,of themselves.
    When’s the last time any but a handful of these clowns contributed to the supposed causes they claim to represent?
    talk is cheap and they excel at it.,ad nauseum.

  3. Eagles did not show disrespect to the country. They never took the knee. But anyone who values freedom should know that forcing people to worship the flag instead of god is called a dictatorship. But refusing to go to the whitehouse, the Eagles players showed they respect god and country but not a dictator. The article says “as an act of disrespect aimed at President Trump. “. That is true. Trump has no respect for anyone except himself. He deserves no respect in return.

  4. President Trump simply needs to stop inviting these Arrogant, Overpaid Crybabies to the White House altogether. If you don’t respect this country and respect the FLAG that flies over it, then get out!

  5. To all that disrespect our national Anthem, let me say this:
    I a Marine fought in Vietnam 1967,68 and 69. During that time I have had Marines die in my arms, seen Veterans losing arm and legs. All veterans have given the ultimate to protect the best country in the world and all of its people including those that think that their concerns are more important then the protection of the above. If anyone that thinks the country is not the best, then my opinion is to pack your bags and move the f— out. Go where you think the grass is greener. Those playing sports that have issues with the police or anyone else and refuse to honor the National Anthem should put their money where their mouths are and help make the country better. Help the underprivileged, the homeless, the sick and the needy. Have a separate forum and meet with the police or who ever to discuss and put input into resolving the problems.
    God bless the USA. I’m proud to be an American and equally proud to have served our country. If I had my life to live again I would again join the Marine Corps, serve my country and not change it at all.

  6. Take the high road and keep inviting people even if there is a chance they will decline for political reasons of their own, then when that happens, expose their disrespect and hypocrisy for all to see! Make it about their disrespect for the office, not the person, and do it in such a manner as to expose them for what they really are

  7. I totally agree with you Jeff. I think this is the end of NFL. A bunch of overpaid, cry babies.i don’t miss watching it. Besides the total playing time in a game is less than 14 minutes? Commercials, commercials and time outs. BORING!!!!!!!! Let them try and get real jobs.

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