Trump takes California Governor to woodshed

President Donald Trump isn’t pulling any punches about securing our border and protecting our country.

As Trump is mobilizing the military and National Guard units from across the country to defend our southern borders, it has put him on a collision course with California’s loony-leftist Governor Jerry Brown.

Brown insists he will not allow the California National Guard to police the southern border.

Trump is calling Governor Brown’s bluff.

From the Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump called a big California bluff on Thursday, telling the Golden State’s Democratic governor that the federal government won’t pay for a National Guard deployment to the U.S.-Mexico border if troops are forbidden from helping secure it.

‘Governor Jerry Brown announced he will deploy “up to 400 National Guard Troops” to do nothing,’ Trump vented on Twitter, after the governor had appeared to strike a deal with the Department of Homeland Security that would have allowed California’s Guard detachment to perform a limited set of duties.

‘The crime rate in California is high enough, and the Federal Government will not be paying for Governor Brown’s charade,’ the President added. ‘We need border security and action, not words!’

Brown had said he would permit the Guard troops, which officially operate under his command, to work on fighting gangs and drug and gun smugglers.

But after a week of wrangling with the White House, he continued to insist the men and women he deploys may not apply their energy toward shoring up border security or keeping illegal immigrants out of the country.

President Trump clearly doesn’t intend to tolerate this sort of gamesmanship when it comes to his national security priorities.   On top of his legislative action, he’s take to Twitter to communicate directly with citizens like you and me, without the filter of the liberal media.

Given his commitment to securing our borders, I anticipate this won’t be the last time that Trump and Governor Brown verbally cross-swords.

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    1. Thank God for President Trump who really does care about America. He is a Do-er, not just a Talker. He will become known as one of our greatest Presidents. I am SO THANKFUL he is our President.

  1. Keep it up Mr. Trump! The governor and leadership of California is are a disgrace. We are with you all the way…

    1. I totally agree the Governor of California is so totally wrong, we need to secure our border, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’d like to take Brown ‘behind’ the woodshed. He is a total disgrace. The National Guard serves at the President’s command. The governor’s lost his ever loving mind.

  3. Ahoy, all you grubs who dislike what our President is doing, take your selfs way past our Borders where you can get your pork barrel filled. Oh ! and stay
    there. Mr. “kneel” when the National Anthem is played. Imagine what your Great-great.,etc.,etc etc Gandpa would say. As He, with many others saluted and praised President Lincoln when he freed the slaves. My thoughts, as our
    President Trump said. “fire the SOB`s” Boys ( you call yourselves MEN ) GIT A grip, you are going down.

    1. I got into the worst fight in high school over calling a young man a SOB which he took literally to mean I was calling his mother a dog. We should not use this word and blame the mothers for bad sons. Let’s just believe the mothers tried but failed and sons are a reproach on their mothers and fathers, unless it is know parents are bad too!

  4. President Trump,
    I live in CA and agree we need the Wall…and a new Governor. How about taking the furnished cars, fuel, and plane expenses away from Congress if they don’t okay the funds for the Wall. It might not be a lot, but they wouldn’t like it and it would give them something to think about. I worked at an aerospace Company, Autonetics/Rockwell/Boeing, for 35 years and had to pay for my own transportation.
    Please DO NOT agree to be interviewed by Mueller; he is a slime ball and his intention is to get you to slip up with a very tiny lie and that will be a reason for indictment. We need you to be our President for the eight years. I’m sorry you are so disliked by some when you are doing a Great job; we “deplorables” love what you are doing.Then maybe Don, Jr. will be interested in following in your footsteps.
    On our Sanctuary state, Do Not give us funds. It will hurt, but Jerry Brown needs to be put in his place. He wants a Stupid bullet train costing millions that we don’t want. Our Long Beach Community Hospital, on the Eastside of town, is closing in a couple of months because of money needed to retrofit it. That leaves us without a hospital. Long Beach Memorial is on the other side of town and is so crowded. Our daughter had an emergency and they had her sit in a Canvas seat wheelchair in the waiting room for 6 hrs because of no where to sit. She had tripped on a tree root, near L.B. Memorial Hospital, that was protruding from the sidewalk and was thrown forward slamming her head on the sidewalk, resulting in a black eye, a hiatal hernia, and gallblatter surgery. We need our L.B. Community Hospital instead of Jerry Brown’s Bullet Train. He doesn’t care about us; he released many felons. Since then, four of our neighbors have been robbed; we were known as the safe part of town…no crimes.
    Lastly, I know Melania’s main concern is Barron. However, I do want to thank her for being a gracious First Lady, doing a great job with the events, and standing beside you. I especially like seeing you holding hands or smiling at each other because it shuts the media up. They are not nice to your family. Melania wants to take care of Barron while backing you, and you want to take care of all of us. Now, that’s a big job and you both are doing a “fantastic” job.
    Again, don’t be interviewed by Mueller…don’t trust him.
    Sorry about the novel, but I wanted to let you know we “deplorables” are with you and elated you are our President. You speak our language; always to the point.

    1. Jan
      One correcion the bullet train to nowhere is costing Billions, more than enough to pay for the California portion of the border fence.
      We California’s need to get together and unify behind ONE of the Republican candidates for governor. If we split our vote we will only have 2 bad choices in November, Newsome and the idiot from LA.

    2. Jan Bruggeman;
      I totally agree with You on all points You mad. I’m 88 years old and this Country was at it’s lowest one as President Trump came in to office, By the grace of God. I also am a “Deplorable” and might proud ofit.

    3. Imoved to Nevada many years ago; But when I lived in CA lie the slogan was “if it’s Brown — flush it down” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

  5. President Trump,
    I live in CA and we need the Wall…and a new Governor. Take away furnished cars, fuel, & flight expenses from Congress and they might change their minds in giving you the funds for the Wall.
    Please Do Not be interviewed by Mueller. He wants a lie; that would be a crime so as to indict you. We “deplorables” want you to remain our President.
    Concerning our Sanctuary state, don’t give us funds. It would hurt us but Jerry Brown needs to be put in his place. We don’t want his stupid Bullet Train; we want to keep our L.B. Community Hospital which will be closing in a couple months because of expense to retrofit.
    I’m elated you are my President. You & Melania are doing a fantastic job.

  6. I can’t believe Jerry Brown has not been removed from office. He is clearly only feeding his own ego and is flaunting his “ships caption” power by snubbing Federal Laws. Why is this guy, and others, allowed to get away this type of Governing. One example of many, is his repeated message of California’s “succession” (aka Sanctuary)from the United States. California legal citizens did not get a “say” in this lunacy. Abe Lincoln already fought that battle and preserved the U.S. Union. At the very leased, the President should get Brown removed or execute his position of CUTTING OFF EVERY NICKEL of Federal funds and stop demonstrating how the United States is not United. “Rule of Law”??????????

  7. If anybody should be impeached: it should be California Governor Jerry Brown. Brown’s actions is threatening not only the security of California but, the whole nation.

  8. It all depends on the Guard’s status. If they have been deployed by the governor they are under his control. But the State foots the bill. If the guard has been called into active federal service the federal government will foot the bill. But they also will be under federal control with the President as Commander and Chief. The duel role of the National Guard is a bit complicated. And a lot of people don’t understand how it works. There are also military reserve units that belong to the federal government and can be activated for special federal missions.

  9. Dear President Trump continue your great work.
    Stay the course continue to implement
    Your Agenda to make America great again.
    Get rid of Sanctury cities and make the
    Mayors of these cities comply wth the Constitution
    Or send them to jail.
    Pompeo, Giuliani , J. Bolton. Great appointments
    By Pres. Trump. Build that Wall Pres . Trump
    To keep out illegals. Get rid of Sessions he is not helping you and is a thorn in your side.
    Keep attacking the liberal media who print “Fake”
    Thank God the people in this country
    Elected You and not Crooked Hillary Clinton.
    She should go to jail along wit the previous
    President over the Bengazi incident where Americans f

  10. Give them Hell Mr. President. The same to all those Hollywood so called actors that belong in Drug Rehab.

  11. Jerry Brown will vote to take your guns away and keep the borders open. This allows all kinds of illegals to enter and illegal guns. How can the Californians defend themselves with out guns. Do not believe tha Jerry Brown will be there to defend you.

    We need a common sense Governor and one that loves Californians. Jerry Brown and friends are giving our State away.

    Does anyone else see the writing on the wall

  12. Why not send California’s guard to Afghanistan and bring that number back and put them on the border.

    Then that I do it in California will be happy.

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