Trump Takes Germany To Task Over NATO Funding

President Donald J. Trump is truly living up to his “America First” campaign promises.

Trump has been critical of fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries for not picking up the tab for their own defense spending.   U.S. taxpayers overwhelmingly carry the burden of paying for NATO and its operations, which are largely conducted to defending western European countries.

The President doesn’t think that’s fair, and is trying to even the playing field ahead of meetings later this week with NATO leaders.

From Breitbart:

Trump pivoted, taking aim at European Union trade barriers to the United States: “On top of this the European Union has a Trade Surplus of $151 Million with the U.S., with big Trade Barriers on U.S. goods. NO!”

In May, the World Trade Organization (WTO) sided with the U.S. on the issue of the EU breaking WTO rules with subsidies to airplane manufacturer Airbus. “President Trump has been clear that we will use every available tool to ensure free and fair trade benefits American workers,” ambassador Robert Lighthizer said at the time. He continued, “Unless the EU finally takes action to stop breaking the rules and harming U.S. interests, the United States will have to move forward with countermeasures on EU products.”

In June, Lighthizer rebuked the EU and others for retaliating against U.S. tariffs issued on the basis of national security.

Trump has taken aim at EU trade practices before. At an April rally in Michigan, Trump warned that the U.S. is “not doing business” with the EU until it changes its unfair trading practices with the U.S.

President Trump will meet with other NATO leaders this week in Brussels, Belgium. He will arrive Tuesday. His packed schedule is set to include a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and participating in a working dinner with heads of state.

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  1. Mr. President, I and many more AMERICANS, I guess we are “The Silent Majority” stand with you. Finally there is someone in the Presidency that cares. Cares about this Great Country of ours, Kick some more ASS, not only here at home, but foreign as WELL.

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