Trump wants countries to get serious on terror

The "What If" Question for the White House

Over the past week, another horrific terrorist attack took place in Paris as a man stabbed 5 people, killing one and wounding the other 4, before being shot dead by officers.

Sadly, we have seen many stories just like this one over the past year. The attacker was even on a watch list, and ISIS took immediate claim to the attack.

President Trump has seen enough and wants to see some change. The President made comments previously over how he felt a legal, gun-holding citizen could have possibly stopped the attackers who killed 130 people in 2015. Now he’s taken to twitter again:

The President has a point and the fact that the majority of the European countries are letting almost anyone in has created chaos for them.

Not only are attackers on watch lists and nothing happens until its too late, those that are being let in are rarely vetted. If these countries will not change their ways in immigration and the fight against terror, how can they expect to have a different outcome?

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