Trump’s approval rating continues to rise


No matter what the main stream media tries to throw at the President, or how much negative publicity they try to run against him, his numbers keep going up!

The President has had a whirlwind first year, and is starting to take home some big accomplishments from the policies he has put into play.

The economy is starting to boom with job creation routinely on the rise and many companies deciding to invest back into America.  Rasmussen recently conducted a poll on President Trump’s job approval rating.

From Brietbart:

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings keep rising, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

On Wednesday, Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll showed that 51 percent of likely U.S. voters approved of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-eight percent disapproved.

This is the best rating for Trump since April of the first year of his presidency.

The new milestone occurs just two days after Trump’s popularity jumped to 50 percent in Monday’s daily tracking poll.

With President Trump’s America first mentality, it’s not a surprise to see his rating continue to rise. The American voters care about results and that’s what their starting to see though this administration.

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  1. Most people do as little work as they can and still collect a paycheck. President Trump is instilling pride in America’s workforce. When people take pride in their work, the quality and quantity of our GNP will rise. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, President Trump’s encouragement is contagious and is leading us into a better America. We need to reciprocate by applausing The White House. I am beginning to see light, and a new vision for our great Country.

  2. If President Trumps rating is increasing more people must be listening
    to Fox News as a their provider for up to the minute changes in DC.
    I listen to CNN and MSNBC and they essentially say just the opposite.
    I do not approve of President Trumps ideas or his ways to operate the
    US government I can’t wait to make him a one term President. He had
    his opportunity he failed in my opinion and he should go back to where
    he came from being the fabulous salesman that he is but not to promote
    US interests here or abroad. He’s better at domestic sales and should
    stay there. This was his opportunity to shine but he missed that mark..

    1. You need to start listening to Fox News where they tell the truth about what is happening. You are burying yourself in lies because of ignorance.

    2. I’m so sorry for you…you blind obedience to the Dem/ultra liberal party line blinds you to the real progress our America is acheiving under President Trump! On to our second term!!!!’

  3. We must help President Trump drain the Swamp by replacing RINO’s and resistance forces in 2018. We owe our President the support he needs to carry out the voter’s mandate of 2016. He must have a commanding majority to fulfill our mandate. Let’s give him the tools to Make America Great Again.

  4. CNN and MSNBC have never approved of POTUS Trump. It might behoove you to listen to Fox (sometimes) to see exactly what his accomplishments are. The other two media listed do not provide that information. I pray he is a second term POTUS so he can get this country back on track. The last Administration nearly ruined this country. So, GOOD LUCK with your disappointments!

  5. Judy,
    How can you sit on your ass and not see Trump’s accomplishments. Only an idiot doesn’t realize that he has accomplished more in his short tenure as President than any other in history. My guess is that you voted for Obama and most crooked Hilary. I am sure that you are not accepting the increase in your paycheck are you?

  6. President Trump “ I knew you would get this country back on its feet again. “. You will get more great things done for this country if people will let you alone and let you do your job. The best President we’ve had in a long time. “ GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES AND PRESIDENT TRUMP & His family “

  7. Judy, you should try listening to FOX instead of those liberal stations.
    You could be “enlightened”!! If you open your MIND to the TRUTH, you could
    see that TRUMP is he best thing that’s happened to America in many years! He’s
    bring us back to being GREAT AGAIN! Yes, he’s “not the norm”, but he’s getting
    things done. He’s a STRONG FORCE…….not a weak-kneed-politically correct idiot!

  8. I really wonder where does President Trump failed? By halting illegal immigrant or making sure criminal illegals are punished according to the laws of the land? By lowering taxes for all Americans, not just for the rich, but everyone? By improving the US economy with increased jobs and bringing jobs back into the USA? By encouraging US corporations to bring their overseas funds back into the US and use that funds to invest locally? By removing barriers for small medium businesses to start a business and be able to survive? By forcing Kim Jong Un to concede and start talks with South Korea and the US about disarmament of nuclear weapons? By lowering umemployment rate, particularly for minorities, that the US has not seen since 1967? By hitting ISIS and the Talibans so hard that their forces are crumbling and suicide bombings have dropped to levels not seen before? By forcing China to acknowledge trade imbalance and promising to lower import taxes and increase foreign investments and goods? I don’t know about you but this is a miracle by a President who is not a politician that only talks the talks but does not walk the walk. He is doing what he promised to do (unheard of by any politicians) to make America great again. I ignore all the media pundits and celebrities that bashed our President by consistently claiming that he is raciest, sexist, stupid, ignorant, unworthy, etc, etc. He is going against the odds of having both Democrats and RINOs opposing him every step of the way and still has accomplished so much within his first year of the Presidency. Yes, he is loud, he is rude, and definitely obnoxious in many ways, but you know what, results speaks louder than words, and all I see is his works that is making America Great again. President Trump, as a legal immigrant myself, i support you and tune out all the distracting noises that come out of the fake news, hypocritical Democrats, and celebrities. Please keep up the good work!!

  9. Compared to that LAST PILE OF ANTI-AMERICAN MONKEY DUNG, President Trump is doing a great job. I have seen a reduction in my taxes and my Wife has received (2) Pay Raises from her employer. Yes, President Trump is doing a fine job. Those people who don’t think so, need to crawl back under their rocks and just STFU!

    President Trump will be our next President in 2020, since the DEMRATS Don’t have any viable candidates.

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