Vice President Pence Goes After Obama

By most objective standards, President Donald J. Trump’s Administration has been a resounding success for the country.

But it can be very frustrating when others falsely claim that all the success was due to someone else.

Vice President Pence is making no bones about who deserves the credit.

From Brietbart:

“It’s been two years of promises made and promises kept, and we’re just getting started,” Pence told the conference audience in Washington, DC. He cited more than four million jobs created since President Donald Trump took office, record low black and Hispanic unemployment, wages rising at the fastest pace in a decade, and the highest middle-class income in recorded history.

Vice President Pence then launched into what he said was a message for former President Obama:

President Obama, you presided over the weakest economic expansion since the Great Depression. When we took over this economy, it was growing by less than two percent, and now it’s growing by more than four percent. This economy isn’t booming because of your policies; it’s booming because we’ve been rolling back the failed policies of your administration since day one.”

Pence hit the nail on the head!

Obama is on the campaign trail for weak Demoncrats, trying to take credit for the success of Trump’s economy.

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  1. It’s about time we got a President and Vice President that has some guts, I wanted to use another word but I want to make sure my message gets through. I think Trump and Pence has been the best thing that’s happened to our country in decades. Both of you are highly intelligent men and our country will be great again. I know I’ll be voting for you two again. Obama and Clinton are crooks and they both are snakes in the grass and have no business running our country down again. I’m from Mississippi and damn proud of it and I have enough sense to spot a snake when I see one. Go Trump and Pence. America thanks you too or least the intelligent do.

  2. Wake up Liberals and stop drinking the party Kool Aid. Take a hard look at ALL the Liberals over the past 20+ years and try and find a Liberal policy from their Federal, State or Municipal governments that has not failed. You can’t do it. And now some of you, because of your undeserved hatred for Trump, are about to make the same mistake again by voting for the totally incompetent and, in many cases, crooked, Liberals. Take an honest look at what Trump has and is achieving. There is no way you can or should support Liberalism.

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