Why Democrats Really Don’t Want To Stop Illegal Immigration

Last Friday Ken Paxton, TX Atty. General, revealed that about 95,000 non-citizens had registered to vote in Texas. Out of those, around 58,000 had actually cast a vote in at least one Texas election!

From The Federalist:

“Texas law allows lawfully present noncitizens to obtain driver’s licenses by showing proof of lawful presence to DPS. However, only citizens are eligible to vote. And Texas law currently does not require verification of a voter’s statement that they are a citizen.”

So what was the left’s response? Accusations of voter suppression, of course. After all, making it hard for illegals to vote sounds like voter suppression to them.

” Kristen Clarke, the president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, told The New York Times that “Texas has a rich history of undertaking action to make it harder for people to vote.” “Whenever you’re invoking the threat of criminal prosecution,” she added, “the chilling effect becomes almost unavoidable.”

Texas has produced a model to identify this kind of fraud and, as the Federalist article states, it may be a model for our US Atty. General to use across the nation. Let’s hope President Trump directs his Atty. General to investigate this, if he hasn’t already.

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  1. Regarding illegal immigrants voting in Texas, doesn’t that count as tampering or influencing an election by another ‘country’? Let’s say 1,000 illegals snuck into TX from Columbia and all voted in a local election for a candidate that is soft on enforcing voter registration. Wouldn’t that be a foreign ‘power’ tampering in a US election? Like Russia but on a smaller local scale. Why is this acceptable?

  2. We need the law that you must be registered as a citizen of the United States, be a resident of the state, and show your ID with a photo on it to prove who you are. Maybe that way voter fraud would be able to be eliminated. Of course you still have to make sure of tampering and hacking with the machines or whatever way is being used for voting.

  3. It takes about 700,000 bodies to rate another representative in Congress. The 2020 census counts everyone, citizen or not. Do the math, and figure out why the Democrats want open boarders..

  4. There are more reason why Democrats don’t want to stop illegal immigration.
    The WSJ recently had a op ed about the citizenship question on the 2020 Census Form possibly heading for the Supreme Court. I Hope. However, the lower court seemed to focus the argument on the wrong question. To me, “Are you a United States Citizen” should be the focus, yet they mickey mouse around with counting the numbers, not their status. Just counting the numbers give illegals status as people which ultimately figures into congressional representation; whether they’re citizens or not. This is a very big deal and this is what the Dems need. Having open boarders allows illegals to pack the census rolls, especially in Southern California and in the “Sanctuary Cities.” And, to my way of thinking, is the real reason Pelosi is stone-walling on the wall issue. She’s a California Democrat and the outcome will affect her state’s representation in congress and allotment of funds for federal programs. From the last census, the proportional allotment for the 435 House seats was about 1 seat per 770,000 people—not citizens, just people. If the last census indicated that there were 11 million illegals in the U. S. and if 4,000,000 were in California, that means California has been over-represented in Congress by as many as 5 house seats for the last 10 years. And, if those numbers were taken away from them, plus not being able to add more of them from the migration of the last 10 years, plus loosing population of people moving out of the state, California’s influence would be greatly diminished.
    It’s also the real reason the big cities around the country want to be called a Sanctuary City, It attracts illegal people to be counted in their roles and added to their piece of the pie when it comes to distribution of Federal programs.
    Back to California, the illegals are probably a big contributor to California’s budget problems. Pelosi needs the new numbers to help bail out the State.
    Charley B.

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